Over the past 28 years I’ve represented clients in personal injury and wrongful death cases in over 20 states. I’ve tried multiple cases to a jury in the areas of toxic tort, medical malpractice, product liability, premises liability and motor vehicle collisions. I’ve participated in many mediations over the years as part of client representation. All of which has shaped my view on what mediation should look like and what a mediator should and should not do during the process. “What would I want from a mediator if I were litigating this case?” is the guiding principle for me as I steward mediations now. It is my privilege to be included in this process as mediator.

Lon Walters

Lon Walters

shut·tle di·plo·ma·cy

/ˈSHədl dəˈplōməsē/

1. negotiations conducted by a mediator who travels between two or more parties that are reluctant to hold direct discussions.